Setting Up Your xTray

What’s Included?

☑️ xTray unit

☑️ Legs for the tray

☑️ Non-slip mat

Setup Guide

Unboxing and Preparation:
Open the xTray packaging and ensure all components are present, including the tray, legs, and non-slip mat.
Attaching the Legs:
Locate the screw points at the base of the xTray.
Take each leg and align it with the screw points.
Manually screw in each leg into the designated point. It should be a simple hand-tightening process, not requiring any tools. Ensure each leg is securely attached. This step should take less than 60 seconds for both legs.
Positioning the Tray:
Once all legs are attached, carefully turn the tray around to its upright position.
Placing the Non-Slip Mat:
Take the non-slip mat and place it on the top surface of the tray. This mat helps to keep items from sliding off the tray.
Adjusting the Legs:
Bend the legs of the tray to the desired angle. For most scenarios, it’s recommended to angle the legs slightly outward from the bottom for the best stability and placement.
Ensure the legs are positioned evenly to maintain balance.
Place Your Items:
Once legs are adjusted, load up your meal and drinks. The tray’s design keeps everything stable and prevents spills.
Enjoy Your Meal:
Sit back and savor your food at the perfect height for comfort and ease.
Simple, practical, and perfect for every meal – xTray is your go-to for relaxed dining.

Usage Tips

Test the stability of the tray by gently applying pressure to ensure it’s secure and ready for use.

Regularly check the tightness of the legs and the condition of the non-slip mat for safety.

The xTray is designed for ease of use and quick setup. Following these steps should allow you to efficiently and safely assemble and use the tray for various purposes.